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Trips in Italy

Nothing they know better than their home, nothing they like better than taking their guests to the places they know and love the best.

Mmove is the Italian Specialists

Either with rope and karabiner, or with harness and climbing shoes, no matter if on foot or on the back of a donkey, with or without children, the most beloved destinations of our carefully organised trips are in Italy. Why? Simply because we want to make sure you get the best out of your holidays. That is why we will bring you to the places we love and know best, and there is no other place we love more and know better than our own country. We know when the most beautiful climbing areas lie in the sun or are protected by shadow, we know of small trattorias where home made pasta goes well with a local red wine. We are not going to sleep in a hostel but in family-run hotels or small B&B.

True treats are our “Discover Trentino” tours, that will bring you to the discovery of secret corners of our region, on wild mountain tops and local mountain huts.