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Adventure River Trekking

Fun in the Limarò Canyon

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Can you imagine what it feels like to explore a deep canyon? Join us in Limarò Canyon where with the passing of centuries, water has shaped the imposing rock faces into stone sculptures of formidable shapes! On foot we will follow a section of the river Sarca’s natural course which runs along the bottom of the canyon, creating wonderful water pools. We will enjoy ourselves by walking and swimming through the water looking for natural passages through the rocks and vegetation. We will also cross the river, searching for the best point to do it. Fun and adventure are guaranteed!

Ideal for families with children aged from 10 and above.

62 €
Duration: 4 hrs
max. 8
every Monday

Limarò canyon, Sarche (TN)


  • Don't be afraid of water and know how to swim
  • Have a good physical condition to walk 4 or 5 hours on rough terrain


  • Trainers to walk in the water (no sandals or water shoes)
  • A backpack with 1 lt water
  • T-Shirt
  • Swimming things
  • Towel and a lot of good humour!


  • Mountain Guide / trekking guide
  • helmet
  • wet suit and socks
  • life jacket
  • transportation
  • insurance


  • Snack

Itinerary 3 kms  – 4 hrs – vertical height gain 0 m  350 m

Limaro’ Canyon can be reached from Arco in roughly 30 mins by car. This natural environment is unique and untouched and is situated along the river Sarca’s course, which has its source situated up in the glaciers of Adamello and ends up right into Lake Garda. The canyon’s section that we will follow is the most spectacular and is situated between the villages of Ponte Arche and Sarche, developing along a course which is roughly 3 kms long. The entrance to the canyon is situated level with Maso Limarò and is beautiful: we have to go down for roughly 100 metres before reaching the river bed. When we are down in the river everything changes perspective and that wonderful feeling of exploration right from the start is unbelievable! The tall rock faces of limestone make us feel tiny and throughout the itinerary which heads downhill we keep looking around us at the impressive work that the water has done throughout the millenniums, showing up geological layers which otherwise we would have never been able to see.

The course of the river creates pools of crystalline water that in some conditions can even be 2 meters deep. In some places, it will be necessary to cross the river from one shore to the other by foot or by swimming.

Obviously in all this we will be having loads of FUN!! Narrow passages through large boulders, water pools, wading across the water, discovering trails through the woods, observing the game of lights, hidden beaches and spotting animals which live in this damp world.

An intense and exciting experience, ideal for those of you looking for a little adventure accompanied by our guides, who in total safety, will help you capture the exciting places and moments!

  • Limarò canyon
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