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about Lake Garda

An exciting and refreshing experience


Fancy an adventure? Lots of fun and unforgettable experiences? Then join Lake Garda canyoning.
By foot you follow a natural river and explore deep gorges. You jump and slide into natural pools and let yourself be abseiled under thunderous waterfalls. Wonderful light and shadow plays, breathtaking rock formations, mystical nature and lots of fun are guaranteed!

The hot spots for canyoning at Lago di Garda are located in the north and north-west of Lake Garda, especially in the Ledro Valley. The rugged Garda mountains offer ideal conditions for the varied adventure. The most popular tours include Canyoning Palvico, Canyoning Rio Nero (Integral) and Canyoning Vione. Our professional mountain guides have a canyoning specialisation and know the canyons like the back of their hand, have a lot of experience and above all, have a lot of fun. 

Who can participate: 
Canyoning in Italy is not a difficult sport. Anyone who is in good physical condition and not afraid of water can participate. Even children who weigh at least 40 kilos can participate.



Mmove® provides all the equipment (wetsuit and socks, harness, helmet, life jacket, canyoning shoes).

What to bring: 
T-shirt, bathing suit and towel.

Important information about canyoning in Italy:

  • Canyoning is a leisure activity, but takes place in rough terrain. If you have no experience, you should only go with experts.  

  • In Italy only UIAGM mountain guides specialised in canyoning are allowed to accompany canyoning tours. Avoid dubious providers at all costs!

  • The mountain guides control the individual skills of each participant. Nobody should react indignantly if the mountain guide advises not to join the tour, refuses to take you with him or even sends you outside the canyon before the tour ends. It is for your own safety and personal well-being.

  • Children who weigh less than 40 kilos are not allowed to take part in this tour. Even if they are wearing a double wetsuit, the temperatures are too low and are no fun for them. 

  • Children over 35 kg can participate in the Tour Family Canyoning.

If you are curious, please read the disclaimer carefully. If you have any further questions or uncertainties, you can contact us at any time or just come by the office.