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High Mountain

The magic world of the glittering glaciers.

DISCLAIMER High Mountain

Dawn, the world is still asleep and you find yourself walking on a pallid rose snow field, along glacier’s crevasses and rock ridges, ascending to the top. The magical expanse and mystical quiet of the high mountains inspire and stimulate the spirit. Moments like these can’t be missing in a mountain climber’s life.

Even Arco visitors can escape from the warm temperatures to enjoy the eternal ice of a glacier. The Adamello-Presanella Group guarantees cool air, untouched ice fields and a wonderful high mountain experience.

It is our aim to encourage independence and safety in the mountains so that you are able to climb peaks by yourself without the assistance of a mountain guide. …. If you want to go somewhere specific - don’t hesitate to tell us your secret summit dreams and we will be happy to organize your individual trip!